Product Roadmap

MVP Release Features

  • Trending bookmarks
  • Saving bookmarks with URL, Title, description, and tags
  • Tagging and Searching bookmarks
  • URL Shortening
  • Browser Bookmarklet

Version 1.0

  • Tag autocompletion
  • Private API for bookmarks
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Safari Extension
  • Import from other services (Delicious, Pinboard, CSV, etc.)

Version 1.1 & Beyond

  • Collections
  • Read it Later
  • IFTTT/Zapier Integration
  • Archived web pages
  • Slack integration
  • Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Did We Miss Something?

If there’s something that we’ve missed that you would like to see, please contact us and give us your idea for a feature release. We want to make the best product that we can.

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